Step 6 Final Written Exam (2022)

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Before making payment:

  1. Notify the ISNHCP that you are ready to take these exams. The ISNHCP will check all your training files at this time to confirm that they are complete and you are approved to go forward.
  2. It is recommended that you contact your Instructors to make sure they have submitted all your training reports to the ISNHCP.
  3. After making payment, the ISNHCP will send you a link to this online exam.
  4. Once you have opened the exam, it is important to follow the "Save & Return" instructions at the top of the exam. This will enable you to keep a permanent copy of your exam, useful for taking the exam a second time if you failed the first time around.

To prevent bias, all quizzes are evaluated and scored by an independent third party (external to the ISNHCP) and are submitted to the ISNHCP for placement in your training file.