Step 4 - Live Horse Trim Clinic (2024)

Step 4 — Live Horse Trim Clinic (2024)

Upon approval of the Step 3 Sequencing Video from the ISNHCP and passing of the Step 4 Study Hall Quiz #6, students will advance to this "Live Horse Trim Clinic." In this clinic, students will unite their academics, Step 2 cadaver trimming skills, and Step 3 sequencing skills.

This is a one-on-one training session with your Instructor. Unless you have had previous trimming experience, it is likely that you will need multiple clinic days to successfully complete this training step. Discuss this with your Instructor in advance of the clinic, so they can help you come to a decision on the number of days you should plan on.

The Instructor will guide you through all the sequencing and trimming steps on one or more horses. If, in the Instructor's opinion, you are unable to trim at least one horse for any reason by the end of this clinic, you are required by the ISNHCP to schedule additional Step 4 clinic time until such time as you are ready. The Instructor's decision will be included in their training report filed with the ISNHCP. Typical reasons for failing the Step 4 clinic may include any of the following:

  • Physically unable to sequence because you have not kept in shape since Step 3.
  • Cannot remember how to measure hooves.
  • Unable to trim according to guidelines because you forgot what you were taught.
  • Don't use the appropriate tools for any given hoof structure.
  • Unable to manage your horse due to poor communication skills with horse.
  • Will not or are unable to follow your Instructor's instructions when given.
  • Not equipped with all the required tools and equipment.
  • Do not fill out required data forms (see below).
  • Arrive late, leave early, or don't show up for any reason.

Clinic Fee

Register with any ISNHCP Instructor listed on the "Locate An ISNHCP Instructor" menu on this website.

Fees are set by individual Instructors, and will vary based on whether or not there are one or two students in the clinic or the number of training days you have scheduled. Payment is made directly to the Step 4 Instructor. Do not pay the ISNHCP.

Cadaver Trim

This clinic includes cadaver trimming. Follow the same guidelines for cadaver trimming given in your Step 2 clinic.

Measuring and Data Forms

    Submission of measurement data with the ISNHCP is required in this clinic. It is your responsibility to come with multiple copies of the Step 4 Data Form (see below), depending on the number of horses you will be trimming. Bring pencils (rather than ink pens) to record your data. Clipboards are highly recommended.
      • Download the Step 4 Data Form here.
      • Download instructions for Calibrating your Hoof Meter Reader for deformed hooves here.

          Student Feedback Form

          Following your clinic, go here to the "Student Feedback Form" and  let the ISNHCP know how your training went.

          Sequencing & trimming video requirements

            Following this clinic, you must submit a video to the ISNHCP that demonstrates your proficiency in combined sequencing and trimming on one horse in order to continue on to the field mentorships.

            You must make your video on your own (friend or client) horse with no supervision from an ISNHCP Instructor. Have someone shoot the video so we can see you clearly in all positions and transitions. The ISNHCP will not evaluate your video until your Instructor has filed their Step 4 training report with the ISNHCP telling us that your trim meets our natural trim guidelines.

            Post your Step 4 video online (on either a private Facebook page or private YouTube channel). Email a link to the video to the ISNHCP and include the date of your Step 4 Clinic as well as the name of your Step 4 Instructor.

            After submitting your video, register for the ISNHCP evaluation. After payment has been received, your video will be evaluated by the ISNHCP. Normally, this can take up to a week, but every effort will be made to get it back to you sooner if possible.

            The ISNHCP will evaluate your video and confirm that you are ready to proceed to the Step 5 mentorships. If you fail your Step 4 Video Evaluation, you will be required to practice further and register again with a new video to fulfill this requirement.