Student Store - Text Books

After applying to the training program and paying your tuition and registration fees to the ISNHCP, order the following text books from your local or online bookstore (for international students, titles are linked to Amazon for your convenience). Please note that international shipping rates are astronomical these days, and custom's fees may also apply and can slow down delivery. Chances are good that you can order right in your own country and avoid international shipping rates and custom's fees. Amazon and other online dealers may also offer the same advantages. Please note the edition dates as these supersede earlier versions and are required. Earlier editions of the ISNHCP Training Manual are outdated and will not guide you through current learning material requirements. You can order paperback or e-book versions (if available):

U.S. or international students are still welcome to order from Jaime Jackson, but international students should be mindful of the discussion above regarding international shipping rates and customs fees: