Student Store - Learning Materials

After applying to the training program and registering for the Step 1 Independent Study training module, students will receive their learning materials by mail. Click on any of the following to learn more about them:

Other (included on Training Program DVD):
  • Natural Horse Care Bulletin Series (pdf)
  • The Healing Angle: Gateway to the Healing Field (pdf)
  • AANHCP Disciplinary Policy and Oath (pdf)
  • NHC Recommended Diet (pdf)
  • ISNHCP Cadaver and Live Horse Data Form (pdf)
  • Wild Horses as Native North American Wildlife (pdf)
  • Natural Horse Care Lectures (PowerPoints)
  • Measuring Hº and HºTL with the Hoof Meter Reader (PowerPoint)
  • Wild Horse Hooves in Winter (Video)
  • Wild Horses of the U.S. Great Basin (Video)
  • Hoof Meter Reader (tool)

Students are welcome to visit our recommended vendors to read more about these learning materials: