Student Store - Tools & Equipment

During the Step 1 Independent Study training module, students should purchase the required professional level quality tools and equipment listed below. These are an extremely important investment in your training and future work as a professional ISNHCP Practitioner. Each item will be required for participation in the remaining steps of the training program.

Students should not seek out inexpensive or off-brand substitutes which will only compromise their ability to conduct the natural trim to ISNHCP standards. Our Instructors are authorized to deny any student participation in their clinics if they arrive with the wrong tools and equipment, or are missing any of those on the list that have not been discontinued. To avoid this happening, students are highly encouraged to obtain their supplies directly from our recommended vendors in time to be ready for your Steps 2 and 3 Clinics.

The following required tools/equipment can be ordered at the J. Jackson Online Store. Links are provided for each item:

Other required tools/equipment can be ordered from the Star Ridge Company. Star Ridge is the first NHC online store serving the barefoot horse community. Go here to place your order for the following items: 

  • GE Forge "Easy" 14-inch Standard Nipper.
  • F. Dick Turf Flat Rasp.
  • JV Brand 1.75 inch Rasp Handle or F. Dick Rasp Handle.
  • Hoof Meter Reader (two are required).
  • Hoof Knives.
  • Professional Hoof Pick (two are recommended).
  • Hoof Buffer-Sander (Model HB-1).
  • HB-1 Fine and Coarse Sanding Belts (one each are recommended).
  • Radius Rasp (Model RR-1).
  • Radius Rasp (Model RR-2).
  • RR-1 and RR-2 Replacement Blades (one or more of each are recommended).
  • Wide-Bladed Sole/Bar Rasp (Model SR-2) -- Do not use the tooth/chisel type rasp.
  • Leather Apron.
  • Vernier Caliper.
  • Wire Brush (for cleaning debris from bottom of hoof).
Also available and highly recommended from Star Ridge are the following:
  • Lansky Fine Diamond Coated Hoof Knife Sharpener (recommended for sharpening the crook of the hoof knife).
  • Tailor's Measuring Tape (for measuring BTL in deformed hooves demonstrating DTAs along the MATW).
  • istor Swiss Hoof Knife Sharpers (for sharpening the blades of the hoof knife; both "Pro" and "Standard" are highly recommended -- these sharpeners should not be used to sharpen the hoof knife crook).
  • Trimmer's Gloves for men and women.

Order also from Evo Hoof Care for radius rasps, sole rasp, and other tools.