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About this training program (2024)

The ISNHCP Natural Trim Training Program is the first professional natural hoof care training program for humane barefoot horses based on the U.S. Great Basin wild horse model. The ISNHCP has international recognition dating to 2009 (read about our beginnings here), and to 2000 through our predecessor, the AANHCP (read about our history here).

This is a comprehensive training program leading to a diploma in natural hoof care (NHC). It is a science and research based curriculum integrating academic, clinic, and field training. If you are looking for a weekend retreat to learn how to trim horses, you have arrived at the wrong place. There is ample evidence that “short course” trimming clinics only confuse the unwitting, leading to harmful practices, if not in the short term, then certainly in the long term.

Our training program will require a serious commitment from you. Your training is monitored closely from training step to training step, with interspersed online Study Halls and quizzes. You will be taught not only how to trim professionally at the highest standards, but about genuine natural horse care that we call the Four Pillars of NHC: Natural boarding (Paddock Paradise), a reasonably natural diet, natural horsemanship, and the natural trim.

ISNHCP 2024 Training Program Prospectus

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How long does it take to complete the training?

Most students can plan on spending one to two years in training. Those arriving with previous hoof care experience may move through the program more quickly than those with little or no experience. For this reason, students move through training at their own speed based on previous experience, aptitude, self-determination, and in some instances, ability to pay.

Where does your training take place?

Our Instructors and their locations are listed in the drop down menu, "Locate An ISNHCP Instructor." Our current training venues, which are subject to change, can be located in the menu, "Steps 2 and 3 Training Dates." If you are interested in promoting and hosting our training program in your country, email the ISNHCP.

What is the cost of training?

Cost of training can be approximated by clicking on the links below. Those who fail to meet our high standards may be required to take additional remedial training if they are to graduate. This is no different from any technical school, college or university: Success is not guaranteed, it must be earned. This is particularly true of our profession because our work will impact the well-being of horses. Knowing what you are doing, therefore, is imperative.

Bear in mind, training costs are not paid all at once, but as you move from one training step to the next. Also consider that well before graduation, you may be sufficiently competent to begin trimming your own horses and those of friends and others. Some students even establish clientele prior to graduation, thus creating an income flow to offset training costs.

Upon successful completion of the training program, you may petition the ISNHCP to be included on our locator list as a distinguished ISNHCP Practitioner.

Follow these links to learn more about the training steps and to research the basic costs you can expect to pay over one to two years. If you require more detailed information about the training steps and associated costs, email the ISNHCP.


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Application Fee

Registration and Tuition

Quiz Links (Tutoring fees may or may not also apply)

Steps 2 & 3 Clinics (Scroll to "Clinic Fees")

Step 3 Sequencing Clinic (Scroll to "Clinic Fees")

Step 4 Study Hall Quiz #6 (Tutoring fees may or may not also apply)

Step 4 Live Horse Trim Clinic (Scroll to "Clinic Fees")

Step 5 Study Hall Quiz #7 (Tutoring fees may or may not also apply)

Step 5 Mentorships (Scroll to "Mentorship Fees")

Step 6 Study Hall Quiz #8