Steps 2 & 3 Clinics (2024)

Following the successful completion of Step 1 ("Independent Study"), students will advance to one of the Step 2 hands-on Cadaver Trimming Clinics offered by our Instructors. Step 3 ("Sequencing") is conducted with the Step 2 clinic.

Refer to your Student Training Syllabus for Steps 2 and 3 instructions.

Step 2 — Cadaver Trimming Clinic

A message from Jaime Jackson about the Step 2 Cadaver Trim Clinic:

     "This strategically important clinic unites the foundational principles of the natural trim based on the wild horse model with actual trimming. Students are taught the basics of measuring and trim mechanics using cadaver hooves. Using cadavers is a long standing tradition of the ISNHCP (and the AANHCP before the ISNHCP took over training) to introduce beginners to the artful science of the natural trim. Mistakes made are expected of beginners, but cadavers preclude injury that would otherwise occur to a live horse. Your Instructor will guide you in an orderly way through the basic natural trim steps that you will be examined on later in the program on live horses, and which you will carry with you one day into the field as an experienced trimmer and representative of our vital mission in the field."

Steps 2 and 3 Clinic Fees

Clinic fees are set by individual Instructors (Go to menu, ""Locate An ISNHCP Instructor" to see their fees). Instructors are paid directly by students. Do not pay the ISNHCP for your Steps 2/3 training!

Steps 2 and 3 Tools and Equipment Requirements

Students must arrive with all required tools and equipment for the Step 2 clinic, as was explained in Step 1 ("Independent Study"). Your Instructor will introduce you to their appropriate use and make sure that your trimming attire properly fits you. Be forewarned - Step 2 Instructors are authorized to deny you participation in their clinics if you do not arrive with all the required tools/equipment. Borrowing other student's tools/equipment is also not acceptable. The ISNHCP will require you to reschedule your Step 2 clinic at a later date if you arrive unprepared.

Step 2 Data Forms

Measuring cadaver specimens, recording one's results, and having them verified by your Instructor or their authorized assistants are required in this clinic. It is your responsibility to come with multiple copies of the Step 2 Data Form (see below), depending on the number of cadavers you will be trimming. Bringing pencils rather than ink pens is recommended. Bringing a clip board for standard size copy paper for recording your data is also recommended.

  • Download the Step 2 Data Form here.
  • Download instructions for Calibrating your HMR for deformed hooves here.

After you complete the Step 2 Clinic . . .

Email the ISNHCP to let us know that you have completed your Step 2 Clinic, and this notification will go into your training file. Step 2 Instructors will confirm this by letting us know as well.

Following your clinics, go here to the "Student Feedback Form" and let the ISNHCP know how your training went.

Step 3 - Sequencing Requirement

Sequencing is core to your training as a professional ISNHCP Practitioner.

Go to Step 3 (Sequencing Clinic) for more information on ISNHCP sequencing requirements that must be met by all students.