Continuing Education Study Halls

Having applied to the CE Training Program and paid your tuition, you are now authorized to begin your academic training. This involves eight Study Halls with targeted reading assignments and online quizzes.

The Study Halls cover the history of the ISNHCP training program, the origins of the natural trim, our Great Basin wild horse model, basic natural trim mechanics, sequencing, our Oath and Code of Conduct, and much more. Targeted reading assignments span our required text books. Each Study Hall has an associated quiz. Quiz results are outsourced to an independent party who does the scoring for the ISNHCP.

A special training syllabus for CE students will guide you through your training.

Below are instructions for this training requirement.

Order your text books

Go to the ISNHCP Student Store and purchase all of the required "most current edition" text books that you do not already have. It is important that you have these specific editions because the Study Hall targeted reading assignments and quizzes are keyed to them, not earlier (outdated) editions. If you have all the current editions listed in the Student Store, then purchase nothing. Follow this link to the Student Store:

Order the Continuing Education Training Syllabus

Order immediately the 2023 "Continuing Education Training Syllabus," which includes the following:
  • A comprehensive description of the current CE training program.
  • Targeted reading assignments with related online quizzes based on our most current text books.
  • Requirements for field training.
  • New instructional information not published elsewhere, but that you will be tested on in the Study Hall quizzes. 

This syllabus is only available to students officially enrolled in the Continuing Education Training Program. Order your copy here:

Study Halls

When the above requirements for official enrollment, textbooks and syllabus are met, you may proceed to the Study Halls. Go to your Syllabus table of Contents and read the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • History of the Natural Trim
  • Overview of the online Study Halls and Quizzes

These introductory reading assignments will prepare you for the targeted reading assignments and quizzes. After completing these, return to the table of Contents and open the section "Study Hall #1: Overview of the Wild Horse Model." Follow the instructions for your first reading assignments. When these are completed, you may then go to the Study Hall Quiz Registration page (see below) on the ISNHCP website.

Study Hall Quiz Registration

When you are ready to take your first Study Hall Quiz #1 -- and all subsequent Study Hall quizzes, follow this link to register for the quizzes:

Tutorial Support

Contact any of our ISNHCP Instructors if you need tutorial help with the Study Hall reading assignments. Instructors' support may be fee-based, so be sure to inquire. Go here for tutorial support.

Trimming & Sequencing Evaluation clinic

Anytime before, during, or after the Study Hall quizzes, register with one of our current qualified Instructors for a Trimming & Sequencing Evaluation clinic.