Continuing Education Evaluation Clinic

Anytime before, during, or after the Study Hall quizzes, register with one of our ISNHCP Instructors for an Evaluation Clinic. Follow the related guidelines in your CE Training Syllabus before taking this clinic. The Instructor will file a training report with the ISNHCP indicating if you require additional mentorship training. This evaluation is based only of BTG training standards. ATG training standards are not part of this evaluation. The purpose of this clinic is to evaluate the following:
  • Your sequencing, trimming, and natural horsemanship awareness skills demonstrated on one live horse.
  • If you have all the required tools/equipment and that they are of high quality condition (e.g., cutting blades of radius rasps and nippers are sharp).
  • You are able to measure correctly and accurately according to Basic Trim Guidelines (BTG).
  • You are knowledgeable and conversant in Basic NHC language (e.g., Navigational Landmarks and Critical Measurements).

Clinic Fee

Register with any ISNHCP Instructor. Fees are set by individual Instructors by country. Payment is made directly to the Instructor. Do not pay the ISNHCP.

Cadaver Trim

This clinic includes cadaver trimming and measuring.

Sequencing & trimming video requirements

Following this clinic, you must submit a video to the ISNHCP that demonstrates your proficiency in combined sequencing, tool/equipment handling skills, and trimming on one horse. The ISNHCP will not be evaluating the trim itself.

You must make your video on your own (friend or client) horse with no supervision from an ISNHCP Instructor. Have someone shoot the video so we can see you clearly in all positions and transitions.

Post your video online (on either a private Facebook page or YouTube). Email a link to the video with the ISNHCP and include the date of your Evaluation Clinic as well as the name of your Instructor.

After submitting your video, register here for the ISNHCP evaluation. After payment has been received, your video will be evaluated by the ISNHCP. Normally, this can take up to a week, but every effort will be made to get it back to you sooner if possible.

The ISNHCP will evaluate your video and provide feedback.

Field Mentorships

Once the ISNHCP receives your Instructor's training report, the Director of Field Training will inform you if additional mentorships are needed.