Step 5 - Field Mentorships (2024)


Step 5 — Field Mentorships  (2024)

     Following the successful completion of the Step 4 Live Horse Trim Clinic, approval by the ISNHCP of your Step 4 Video Evaluation, and passing of your Step 5 Study Hall Quiz #7 you may move forward to the Step 5 Field Mentorship phase of the training program.

Mentorship Requirements

  1. You must complete a minimum of 10 mentorships (total of 10 days of training on live horses) with at least three different ISNHCP Instructors, and no more than four mentorships with one Instructor. [See your Student Training Syllabus for possible exceptions to this rule.]
  2. Measuring front hooves, recording one's results, and having them verified by your Instructor or their authorized assistants are required in your mentorships. Use the data form for Step 5 below. It is your responsibility to come with multiple copies, depending on the number of horses you will be trimming. Use pencils rather than ink pens when filling in data in the form. Bringing a clip board for standard size copy paper is also recommended.

  3. Download the Step 5 Data Form here.

  4. Download instructions for Calibrating your HMRs for using the Advanced Trim Guidelines here.

  5. These Step 5 data forms are for your personal records, they are not submitted to the ISNHCP. However, the ISNHCP may request copies in the event you apply to become an ISNHCP Instructor following graduation.
  6. Following your mentorships, go here to the "Student Feedback Form" and  let the ISNHCP know how your training went.

    Contact Your Instructors

     It is your responsibility to contact our Instructors to schedule your mentorships. They are listed on the ISNHCP website menu, "Locate An ISNHCP Instructor."

    Mentorship Fees

         Payment for your mentorships is made directly to your Instructor. Do not pay the ISNHCP. The fee is standard worldwide at $200 USD (or equivalent by country) per mentorship training day.

    Step 6 Study Hall Quiz #8

    You may proceed to take the last Step 7 Study Hall Quiz #8 at any time during your mentorship training.