Our History

(Above) Jaime Jackson's base camp, U.S. Great Basin (c. 1984). "There's a lot going on in this picture. By now, my hoof studies at the BLM's wild horse intake corrals were over, and my undivided attention lie with the horses themselves in their rugged range lands. One of many 'camps' I set up. I once worked out of a primitive set-up like this for over a month. Although a very private person by nature, I'm also very social, and it was hard being alone without human company for long stretches at a time. But following and learning from the horses was both rewarding and necessary if their story was to be told from the NHC perspective. I can't recall what all I had on the makeshift table in the photo, but my old typewriter was somewhere on it -- computers and the digital age we're all addicted to today hadn't arrived yet! From my typewritten notes plucked away in the wild, came my first book, The Natural Horse: Lessons from the Wild."

(Above) Rare photo taken by Jackson during his 1980s hoof studies at the BLM's Litchfield, California wild horse intake corrals. Jackson notes, "The BLM wranglers were professional 'gentlemen' cowboys -- the last of a bygone era -- hired by the U.S. government. They are riding wild horses that they gentled and trained themselves. Excellent 'ropers,' at the end of their ropes I entrusted my very life with their expertise as I took the critical measurements at each hoof which we use today as NHC practitioners. I interviewed the front wrangler in the photo one night at a diner in nearby Litchfield to hear his life's story, and where he went each night after work, waiting patiently for one of the waitresses to come off duty -- his wife!

     The official ISNHCP trimming guidelines are based on the wild horse research conducted by Jaime Jackson during the 1980s in the U.S. Great Basin. When diligently applied, these guidelines will serve to facilitate beautiful, healthy, and naturally shaped hooves -- as nature intended for all horses! 2017 marks the 35th year since Jackson entered wild horse country, and today his methods are taught by skilled ISNHCP clinicians and field instructors trained by Jaime Jackson personally and sanctioned by the ISNHCP.

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