Cadaver Trimming & Sequencing Clinics with Jaime Jackson, August 24th - 30th, 2017

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Step 2 and Step 3 - Cadaver Trimming & Sequencing Clinics with Jaime Jackson
August 24th - 30th, 2017

Important message from Jaime Jackson:

     Following your successful completion of Step 1 Independent Study, you may register for my combined Step 2 Cadaver Trimming and Step 3 Sequencing Clinics. These clinics run concurrently for seven days, with one day off midway through the clinics for students to meet in a study group. Sequencing will take place each morning, cadaver trimming each afternoon.

Registration Fee

     The clinic fee combines Step 2 and Step 3. After receipt of your payment, you are officially registered for the clinic. Following receipt of your payment, you will be emailed clinic directions.

Tools and Equipment

     Bring all required tools and equipment as explained in Step 1. My assistants and I will introduce you to their appropriate use and make sure that your trimming attire properly fits you.

  • Go here or to the Home page drop-down menu "Student Store" > "Tools & Equipment" to see what you must purchase to attend this clinic.
  • Go to Step 3 (Sequencing Clinic) for more information on ISNHCP sequencing requirements that must be met by all students.
  • Make sure you've confirmed yourself to the exercises laid out in Part 8 of the ISNHCP Training Manual (2017 revision). I want you to be in top physical condition for our sequencing training at my clinic. If you arrive flabby and full of excuses why you're a sad sack of potatoes, I won't be happy with you. Your fellow students won't either and may harass you for being a slacker, holding up everything as you trudge along. Worse (for you), our horses will say, "Hey, a slacker, let's make it rough on 'em!" They know all about slackers and they know how to deal with them. I do my exercises 6 days a week, because if I don't, our horses come after me too. So, either order your hoof stand now, or borrow one, so you can start practicing your sequencing and send me a video to look at. Or just do your exercises. Smart students will do both. Me and the horses will be waiting for you.