Step 1 - ISNHCP Tuition

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Welcome to the ISNHCP Natural Trim Training Program!

Paying your tuition and registration fee opens the door to the ISNHCP training program. The tuition fee is non-refundable as we occur time and expense commitments immediately, including processing of payment/s, costs and shipping fees of Step 1 included learning materials, creation of student files, communication with student's Step 2 clinician, processing and review and discussion of application and assessment of student's qualifications for training program, creation of the student's training chart, monitoring student progress throughout their time in the training program, reviewing all training reports submitted by our Clinicians and Field Instructors, and other communications between the ISNHCP and the student.

Contact your Step 2 Clinician    

     The ISNHCP requires that students contact their Step 2 clinician after paying your tuition and registration fee. The purpose of this is to let your clinician know you will be registering and training with them. If you are undecided between two or more clinicians, then contact them all to say as much and that you will be making a decision soon. This will open an important dialogue between the two of you in preparation for attending their clinic. They need to know as far in advance as possible who will be training with them so they can prepare for your participation. Please note that our clinicians are willing to work with students if their posted schedule will absolutely not work with you. Please email them to discuss finding a suitable time that is mutually agreeable.

     Also, so that our clinicians know as much about you as possible, we are asking you to consider submitting your application to the clinician you will be training with at the time you contact them. Our clinicians are required to ask you for your permission to get the application, however, and the decision to accommodate their request is yours alone – this is not a requirement as your application is held with strict confidentiality by the ISNHCP. You are free to redact any personal information (home address, phone numbers, etc.) from the application. The clinicians are principally interested in your motivations for entering our program, your background relating to horses, current trimming skills and past training, heath issues that might affect your ability to do this work, and your previous professional work if pertinent.

Our current clinicians can be found in the drop down menu "Meet Our Clinicians."

Order your text books -- Students must order their own text books. To lower skyrocketing costs associated with international shipping orders, including customs fees, students are now required to order all ISNHCP text books from their local book stores and/or online stores such as Amazon. The ISNHCP has lowered the former tuition fee ($1399) by the amount of the full retail value of each of the six required books. Students may also save if purchasing used books from dealers (e.g., Amazon). See list of required text books you should order immediately upon paying your tuition fee. 

Tools & Equipment -- You must purchase all the required tools and equipment before moving forward to Step 2. Follow this link to see what you will need. You can also purchase everything you need there.

Additional learning materials -- you will be sent by mail a DVD with additional required educational materials at no cost. In the near future the DVD will be replaced with a link to a password protected website to obtain this information.

Written Examination ($25) -- Students are examined for their understanding of Independent Study learning materials. Exam questions emphasize those materials that focus principally on trimming, horse handling, and tool handling. You must take your quiz before advancing to Step 2. Register for your exam here.

Assignment to Support Group -- All ISNHCP students are now required to join a support group either of their choice or by order of the ISNHCP. The purpose of the support groups is to provide peer based study time together as they choose, obtain clarification of the training program from the SG host or fellow members, and -- where possible -- come together to practice what they are being taught in a clinic type environment. The support groups are not run by the ISNHCP, nor our clinicians and Field Instructors, but by the students themselves.