Step 1 - Independent Study

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Welcome to the ISNHCP Natural Trim Training Program!

This is your first step in the training program. Read everything on this page and follow all of the directives:

     After making your payment (above*), you will receive the following:

  • Required learning materials -- These are included with your Step 1 registration fee. You do not need to purchase them separately. See list of learning materials here.
  • Training Manual -- Provides you with all your study assignments, quizzes, and things you will need to do before going on to Step 2. Read about the Training Manual here.
(*Step 1 registration fee is non-refundable as we occur time and expense commitments immediately, including processing of payment/s, costs and shipping fees of learning materials, creation of student files, communication with student's Step 2 clinician, processing and review and discussion of application and assessment of student's qualifications for training program, webinar orientation sessions, creation of the student's training chart, and other communications between the ISNHCP and the student.)

    Contact your Step 2 Clinician    

         The ISNHCP requires that students contact their Step 2 clinician after making your Step 1 Independent Study payment (above). The purpose of this is to let your clinician know you will be registering and training with them. If you are undecided between two or more clinicians, then contact them all to say as much and that you will be making a decision soon. This will open an important dialogue between the two of you in preparation for attending their clinic. They need to know as far in advance as possible who will be training with them so they can prepare for your participation. Please note that our clinicians are willing to work with students if their posted schedule will absolutely not work with you. Please email them to discuss finding a suitable time that is mutually agreeable.

         Also, so that our clinicians know as much about you as possible, we are asking you to consider submitting your application to the clinician you will be training with at the time you contact them. Our clinicians are required to ask you for your permission to get the application, however, and the decision to accommodate their request is yours alone – this is not a requirement as your application is held with strict confidentiality by the ISNHCP. You are free to redact any personal information (home address, phone numbers, etc.) from the application. The clinicians are principally interested in your motivations for entering our program, your background relating to horses, current trimming skills and past training, heath issues that might affect your ability to do this work, and your previous professional work if pertinent.

    Our current clinicians can be found in the drop down menu "Meet Our Clinicians."

    Tools & Equipment

         You must purchase all the required tools and equipment before moving forward to Step 2. Follow this link to see what you will need. You can also purchase everything you need there.

    Optional Private and Group Webinar Study Halls

         Students may also wish to register at any time for an optional private or group webinar study hall with Jaime Jackson during their Step 1 Independent Study. The purpose of these 2-3 hour webinar sessions is to provide tutorial assistance to students needing extra help with the learning materials, going over quiz results, and preparing for the Step 1 Written Exam.

         Register for the Private Study Hall here.

         Register for the Group Study Hall here.

    Step 1 -- Independent Study Written Exam

         This is a short exam that covers the Independent Study learning materials as well as articles posted on the AANHCP website. It must be taken prior to attending the Step 2 Cadaver Trimming Clinic. This exam is for informational purposes so that the ISNHCP can get a sense of your understanding of things at this point in your training.

         After you have completed all your assignments and quizzes given to you in the Training Manual, you will be re-directed here to take the exam. Go here for specific registration and payment instructions.

    Physical fitness exercises

         Very important! You should begin the daily physical fitness exercises explained in the training manual right away. Don't wait until the last minute. Here's why: being in top physical shape is crucial to being an effective and efficient trimmer. It's also your best defense against injuries due to poor muscle tone. The exercises in the Training Manual are easy to do, and you don't need to go to a gym to do them.

         Your Step 2 or Step 3 clinician has the responsibility of teaching you how to work under the horse safely and to maneuver your tools and equipment efficiently. This part of your training is called "sequencing." If you arrive "out of shape," you won't be able to do this training effectively. For this reason, the ISNHCP has directed its clinicians to evaluate your physical preparedness, and, if in their expert opinion, you've not in sufficient physical shape to get under the horse to learn without hurting yourself, to send you back home to get in shape. You will then have to petition the ISNHCP for permission to re-take your sequencing clinic. We also have a Step 3 video requirement to confirm that you not only know how to sequence correctly, but that you're good at it. This requirement is intended not only to help you by giving you the honest and constructive feedback you deserve, but to protect the horse you are working under.

    [Notice: After considerable discussion with our clinicians, the ISNHCP requires that you and your sequencing clinician discuss your physical preparedness before leaving Step 1 -- Independent Study). They will probably require you to produce a video showing that you've made an effort to sequence on your own -- as explained in the Training Manual (Step 1 -- Part 9). The video will evidence if you've done your exercising requirement -- also in the Training Manual (Step 1 -- Part 8). The whole idea in doing this is to make sure that your sequencing clinic is a success and that you will not have to repeat it. Producing a video is simple and can be done with most digital cell phones today. This video is not for the ISNHCP (we will obtain one from you after you've completed Step 3), but for your Sequencing clinician who will provide you with instructions for them to access it. Go to Step 3 on the training drop-down menu or here for examples of a suitable sequencing video. We are not looking for "perfection" at sequencing, but rather evidence that you are in physical condition in order to sequence.]


    Message from Jaime Jackson

         Step 1 is a very important leg of your learning journey. This training program places much emphasis on the academics of natural hoof care (NHC). The natural trim is an 'artful science.' So, understanding the science of NHC is every bit as important as knowing how to trim correctly. In fact, there is an interesting correlation between the two. We have learned that students who master the academics of NHC are more confident and effective in their work than those who are 'slack'. The better trimmers understand the scientific principles of NHC and it shows up in their work.

         Good luck with your studies, and I'll see you in the Training Manual!

         For the ISNHCP,

         Jaime Jackson