Private Clinics with Jaime Jackson

Private Clinics with Jaime Jackson

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A message from Jaime Jackson:

This clinic is designed to help you with whatever issues you are having with NHC. This could be anything from a basic introduction to the natural trim, to dealing with foot/hoof problems, to natural boarding, to making the transition to NHC if you are a farrier. Basically, I try to tailor the clinic to your specialized needs. Before registering, email me to explain what your needs are and to schedule a time. Once we agree that I can help you, return to this page and register. I look forward to working with you.

If you anticipate trimming with me, follow these guidelines

If you wish to trailer your horse to me as part of your clinic, email me to schedule. Other fees may apply.

Clinic Location

I will email you regarding clinic location following registration.

Clinic registration

Private Clinic, 1 Day -- $750

Private Clinic, 2 Days -- $1,500

See my clinic cancellation clause.