NHC Veterinary Consultation Services

NHC Veterinary Consultation Services

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 About our consultation team and service

Equine veterinarian and ISNHCP Clinician Dr. Dorthe Nyrup along with NHC Clinicians Jaime Jackson and Jill Willis work together as a team to provide online NHC consultation services for the ISNHCP. Emphasis is on veterinary diagnosis and NHC therapeutic interventions based on the 4 Pillars of Natural Horse/Hoof Care: Natural boarding (i.e., Paddock Paradise), diet, natural horsemanship practices, and the natural trim.

How our consultation service works

Initiating consultation: The purpose of this service is for you to let us know what the problem is you are having with your horse. If we can help you solve this problem based on the information you have given us, we will let you know what our recommendation is, and there will be no additional charge. But if we feel that your horse requires a full "whole horse consultation," we will recommend that to you in addition. If you act upon our recommendation immediately and register for this advanced consultation, we will refund the initiating consultation fee to your payment account.

To initiate this consultation, first register above selecting "Initiating Consultation" then send us an email here and, in your own words, explain to us what the problem is your horse is having. If you have a veterinary diagnosis, include that too.

Whole horse consultation: The purpose of this consultation is to look further into your horse's issues if the initiating consultation indicates this is the necessary thing to do. We will have you fill out an online form that provides us with more information about your horse. Once we have received the information requested, we will provide you with our recommendations. If more extended consultation is needed, we will let you know the cost of that, if any.

To initiate this consultation, you must first register for the "Initiating Consultation." We will then advise you if it is in your horse's best interest to use this Whole Horse Consultation. If we do, then register above selecting "Whole Horse Consultation." That is all you need to do. We will be back in touch with you by email with our recommendation.

Meet our team members

Dorthe Nyrup, DVM

      - ISNHCP Practitioner, Clinician and Field Instructor
      - 1997 graduate of the Royal Veterinarian and Agricultural School in Copenhagen, Denmark (as of 2007, merged with the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen).

“Besides my work as a vet, I always had an interest in horses. I got my first horse when I was 12 years old and I’ve had horses ever since. I was a competition rider (show jumping) 1987-2000 and I had horses like everyone else -- unnatural boarding and diet and shod horses. But always with a voice in the back of my mind telling me, this is wrong. Later, by coincidence, I got a barefoot trimmer out to “fix” the hooves. This trimmer explained the barefoot concept on no shoes, and then I knew this was an education I wanted to obtain in addition to my veterinarian profession so that I could trim my own horses.

“There were different trimming programs to choose from. I chose the ISNHCP because of its foundation – the wild horse model, and the professional content. I have never regretted this choice. Very quickly, this became more than trimming my own horses. In 2014, I started my own small animal practice and part-time work as an ISNHCP trimmer. My company has grown and expanded to include full-time trimming, consultation, and veterinary work with horses. I also employ a full-time ISNHCP trimmer to help with the trimming at my clinic. Almost all of our clients have horses boarded with more natural diets and they are barefoot of course! We continue to rehabilitate horses having problems under the umbrella of the wild horse model: natural boarding (Paddock Paradise), a reasonably natural diet, natural horsemanship principles and practices, and natural hoof care (the natural trim). This means helping horse owners change the lifestyles of their horses to natural way – natural preventive medicine!

"We cannot always avoid the use of medications. But to improve the health of the horse over time requires an understanding of the animal’s physiological systems and especially knowledge of the specie’s biological needs. I believe that NHC and veterinarian medicine should work together, hand in hand, to prevent and cure lifestyle diseases among horses in the world. As a vet and NHC Practitioner, I have dedicated my professional life to make this a reality.

"I am looking forward to advise you and help your horse.

Dorthe Nyrup, DVM

Jill Willis, ISNHCP Partner & Practitioner, Clinician and Field Instructor

A long-time horse owner, Jill initially enrolled in an earlier incarnation of the ISNCHP’s natural trim training program in 2007 – taught through the AANHCP (Association for the Advancement of Natural Horse Care Practices) to simply learn how to trim the hooves of her own horses.  Her ‘day job’ brought her back to California in 2008 and she began working with Jaime Jackson and with the AANHCP soon after completing the training program in 2009.

She and Jaime formed the ISNHCP at the end of that year in order to move the training program out of the non-profit AANHCP (which Jaime had created in 2002).  She has served on the Board since 2009.  She and Jaime also formed an independent publishing company in 2012 and took over the publishing of all his previous books on Natural Horse Care in addition to adding new titles all the time.

“Because my childhood horses were kept barefoot and boarded in a ‘herd’ environment, it was not a huge leap for me to want to do what was genuinely most humane for my equine companions when I returned to being a ‘horse owner’ in 1994.  However, I had no genuine awareness of the natural state of the species until after enrolling in the AANHCP’s program and reading Jaime Jackson’s books.  I also discovered the hard way that many vets, farriers, trainers, breeders and boarding facility managers knew very little about the best path toward optimal physical and mental health.  Working with Jaime for the past 11 years and co-managing my five horses in a Paddock Paradise track system with him for eight years has been a critical educational experience that I wish was available to everyone.

“I look forward to helping you and your horses through the consultation process with Jaime and with Dorthe.  My primary focus is related to management, diet, and Paddock Paradise track systems.  The answers you provide to the questions we ask will allow us help get to the bottom of most issues so that we can help your horse(s) get back on the path to comfort and vitality.”

Jill Willis

Jaime Jackson, NHC Clinician

Jaime Jackson is a career hoof man, beginning in the 1970s as a farrier, transforming into America’s first natural hoof care practitioner following his groundbreaking research of America’s wild, free-roaming horses during the 1980s. He has written many books on the natural care of the horse, among them The Natural Horse: Lessons From the Wild, Paddock Paradise: A Guide to Natural Horse Boarding, and The Natural Trim: Basic and Advanced Guidelines. Jaime’s contribution to this consultation service is his expertise at the hoof, including diagnosis and treatment of Navicular Syndrome, laminitis, quarter cracks, thrush, and other problems that compromise the horse’s body and feet. 

"Our team stands ready to help you and your horse using the principles and practices of natural horse care based on the wild horse model."

Jaime Jackson