Recording: Webinar with Jaime Jackson -- "Is pulling the shoes and letting my horse go barefoot the humane thing to do?"

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Recording: Webinar with Jaime Jackson -- "Is Pulling the Shoes and Letting My Horse Go Barefoot the Humane Thing to Do?"

Message from Jaime Jackson:

The short answer to the question above is, "Yes!" But with so much misinformation floating around the horse world on this subject, you will need more information to hold your ground, because there is the right way to do this and plenty of wrong.

The fact is, untold numbers of horse owners today want to take the shoes off of their horse’s hooves. Many others don’t want them on their horses in the first place. But pressure to keep your horse in shoes from farriers, vets, trainers, and even other horse owners is sure to happen and can an intimidating and isolating experience. Trying to explain yourself can be a daunting challenge and, if you aren’t really sure about your reasons, can result in your horse staying in shoes.

My job in this webinar is to lead you out of the uncertainty, confusion, myths, misguided advice, and the inhumanity of shoeing horses. I was once a shoer, and I know from first hand experience the damage that is done any time a horse is shod. The very "best" and the very "worst" shoe job cause harm. The horse world is still entrenched in the myths, ignorance, and pro-shoeing propaganda born of Feudal Europe one thousand years ago. It's time to expose shoeing for what it is, and, more important, to arm you with good information so you can stand your ground when you finally give the order with confidence, "Pull my horse's shoes."

Here's what I'll be talking about:

  • Paleo history of the horse and why they are adapted to go barefoot 24/7.
  • Images of wild and "domestic" naturally trimmed hooves proving that “barefoot is best” even under the harshest conditions.
  • The “hoof myths” that farriers, vets, and others actually believe, ignoring the facts about genuine natural hoof care (NHC).
  • Why and how shoeing always weakens and ruins the hoof.
  • What farriers do and say to conceal the damage shoeing does.
  • Why “generic” barefoot trims are often worse than shoes!
  • Why a “genuine” natural trim based on the wild horse foot is best for your horse.
  • How to recognize a true “natural trim” from a fake!
  • Why Paddock Paradise is the best environment to condition your horses hooves for optimal health, while reinforcing the benefits of genuine natural hoof care.
  • Why diet is as important as the natural trim itself.
  • What about hoof boots?
  • Where to go for more information and support.