Consultation with Jaime Jackson and Jill Willis

Consultation with Jaime Jackson and Jill Willis

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Message from Jaime Jackson:

     We offer personal consultation services for horse owners and any horse care professional needing help with any aspect of natural horse care practices. There are a range of possibilities. For example, at the hoof, I can help you solve problems with laminitis, Navicular Syndrome, wry foot, run under heels, quarter cracks, abscesses, sensitive soles, and so forth. My colleague Jill Willis can help you with issues relating to the horse's diet, including their relationship to laminitis.

Hoof care issues - Jaime Jackson

     Here's how it works: after making payment, you will be sent a link to a secured online form to fill out. After I've gone over it, I may ask you to provide photos, videos, radiographs, etc. I may also ask you to provide hoof measurements, and I will explain specifically what I need and how to take them. Based on this information, I will recommend a plan of action to solve the problem. If necessary, I will refer you to an ISNHCP practitioner. 

Diet issues - Jill Willis

     Diet problems invariably surface in the horse's hooves. Thus, the questionnaire will also ask you for diet related information, as well as medications and other substances. If we detect a problem with any of these, Jill will provide you with dietary information critical to the horse's healing and well-being.