1 or 2 Day Optional Natural Trim Clinic with Jaime Jackson

1 or 2 Day Optional Natural Trim Clinic with Jaime Jackson

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The purpose of this 1 or 2 day clinic (your choice) is to give you extra help with cadaver trimming and sequencing. This clinic is not a substitute or your required Step 2 Cadaver Trim Clinic.

This is a private clinic, which I will tailor to your individual needs, whether they be related to understanding natural trim principles, trimming technique, or nuances of sequencing. Any facet of the natural trim you feel confused about and need extra individualized help with, this clinic is for you.

Tools & Equipment

Bring all the specified tools and equipment required for the Step 2 Cadaver Trimming Clinic. See the list here.

Clinic location

I hold my clinics at a private facility located near Lompoc, CA (USA). Go here to visit our local Chamber of Commerce's website for lodging, restaurants, and other resources.

Following clinic registration I will email you where we will meet before traveling to the clinic site together.

Schedule your clinic

Email me so can select a date to schedule your private clinic.

Clinic registration

Pay your registration fee on this page.