2 Day Natural Trim Clinics with Jaime Jackson

2 Day Natural Trim Clinics with Jaime Jackson

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A message from Jaime Jackson:

If you're here because you want to know what the "natural trim" is all about, you've arrived at the right place. What took you so long?

My clinic is geared expressly for learning the natural trim according to ISNHCP guidelines based on the wild horse model discussed in my books. There is much emphasis on how to measure, what to measure, and what the measurements mean. We will learn and use the critical measurements to guide us through the natural trim. You'll also be able to see our horses and their great hooves, and I can run you up on our Paddock Paradise for some true inspiration.

Check the tools/equipment "recommendations" here. Using the right tools/equipment is as important as the trim itself. As I tell others, "Even I can't conduct a natural trim with lousy tools and equipment." I do have a supply of top quality tools/equipment that I sell, if you want to purchase anything while you're here. I even have a dumpster you can throw away your junk tools into. I can also ship anything you buy home for you if extra baggage is an issue. Bear in mind, these sorts of things have to go in the plane's cargo if you are planning to fly. They won't let it go carry-on.

My clinics are also an opportunity to get meaningful and useful answers to your questions about natural hoof care. Typically, however, what happens is that the clinic structure itself answers those questions. The "logic" of the natural trim unfolds through the very process. But email me and let me know what your particular interests are. I always try to accommodate individual requests. If learning how to "sequence" (efficiency under the horse while trimming) is of interest to you, I can also show you my "secrets" for working effortlessly under the horse. If I can do this at "70" like I was 20 (to tell you the truth, even easier than when I was 20!), chances are you can too. The fact is, when I finish trimming a horse -- and it is done right -- I don't feel like I've done anything. 

Clinics are conducted near Lompoc, California (USA). Weather is generally mild here year round, but because of the nearby ocean influence, it can get really chilly when the wind picks up, even in summer. So be "layered."

Email me to so we can work out dates that fit both our schedules.

These are not "private" clinics, but I will make every effort to schedule no more than four participants per clinic. Go here, if you prefer a private clinic.

See my clinic cancellation clause.