Step 7 - Graduation (2022)

Following successful completion of both Step 6 Final Written Exam and Final Field Exam, students are granted the status of “ISNHCP Practitioner” and are listed publicly on the Practitioner Locator List of the AANHCP, our affiliate organization's website. Listing on this website is a privilege that honors our model -- the wild, free-roaming horse of the U.S. Great Basin. Good standing in accordance with the AANHCP's Oath of Allegiance (Oath) is a requirement to be listed. The Oath is included with the Application to the ISNHCP Training Program.

AANHCP Annual Dues

All ISNHCP Practitioners posted on the AANHCP website are required to pay annual dues. Go here to pay your dues.

After paying your dues, email your contact information to the AANHCP. Include the following in this format:

Your name
ISNHCP Practitioner
State or Province, Country
City or region you will serve
Phone number the public can reach you at
Email address
Website (optional but recommended)

     If you will be serving in more than one state, province, or country, then provide additional of contact information for each service area in the same format.

     Once we have your correct contact information, you will be posted on the AANHCP website. To protect personal privacy, we do not recommend posting residential addresses.


Graduates will be emailed an official ISNHCP Diploma.