Step 6 Final Exams (2022)

Step 6 Final Exams (2022)

Following the successful completion of your 10th mentorship, the time has come to complete your Final Field Exam and your Final Written Exam. Notify the ISNHCP that you are ready to take these exams. The ISNHCP will check all your training files at this time to confirm that they are complete and you are approved to go forward as an ISNHCP Practitioner (Step 7). It is recommended that you also contact your Instructor to make sure they have submitted their training reports to the ISNHCP.

Final Field Exam

You must schedule your field exam with any one of the Instructors listed on the "Locate An ISNHCP Instructor" menu. The exam should be scheduled as soon as possible after your final field mentorship. The field exam may also be taken the day after your last field mentorship, subject to the recommendation of the Instructor and advance permission from the ISNHCP.

Measuring and Data Forms

    Submission of measurement data with the ISNHCP is required in this exam. It is your responsibility to come with multiple copies of the Step 6 Data Form, depending on the number of horses you will be trimming. Bring pencils (rather than ink pens) to record your data. Clipboards are highly recommended.

      • Download the Step 6 Data Form here.
      • Download instructions for Calibrating your HMR for deformed hooves here.

      Scheduling your Final Field Exam

      To schedule your final exam you must first forward to the Instructor the ISNHCP's email confirmation that you've successfully met the Step 5 Mentorship requirement. Our Instructors will not conduct this exam until they have received this from you.

      The fee for taking the Final Field Exam is $250 paid directly to your selected Instructor. Do not pay the ISNHCP.

      Your Instructor will file their examination report with the ISNHCP. It will include a recommendation to pass or fail you. If "fail," their report will include what the problems were and what you should do to correct them. The ISNHCP will inform you what you can do at that point to correct your deficiencies so that you can reexamine with the intent of concluding your training.

      The ISNHCP will notify you of the results of your field exam.

      Final Written Exam

      You may take the Final Written Exam before or following your Final Field Exam.

      The written exam is taken online. There is a $100 fee to take the exam. To prevent bias, all quizzes are evaluated and scored by an independent third party (external to the ISNHCP) and are submitted to the ISNHCP for placement in your training file.Register here to take the exam. Upon receipt of payment, the ISNHCP will send you a link to the exam. Be sure to follow the "Save & Return" instructions at the top of the exam. The ISNHCP will notify you of the results including your incorrect answers.

      If you fail your written exam . . .

      If you fail the exam, do poorly, or simply want to improve your score as part of your overall training file, you can register again to retake the exam. In any case, once you receive from us your incorrect answers, simply register to take it again using the same link to the exam the ISNHCP provided. If you have followed the "Save & Return" instructions at the top of the page, your original exam results will be waiting there for you to edit and resubmit to the ISNHCP. 

      Examination Results

      If you pass both exams, you may proceed to Step 7.