Step 5 - Field Mentorships

Step 5 — Field Mentorships 

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     Following the successful completion of the Step 4 Live Horse Trim Clinic, and approval by the ISNHCP of the Step 4 Video Evaluation, students may move forward to the Step 5 Field Mentorship phase of the training program.

    All students must complete at a minimum of 10 field mentorships (total of 10 days of training on live horses) with at least three different authorized ISNHCP Field Instructors, and no more than four mentorships with one field instructor.

Field Instructors

     Most of our ISNHCP clinicians also serve as Field Instructors. Other authorized Field Instructors are listed and identified on the AANHCP website's Practitioner Locator List, by country, state/province, region and/or city/village. It is your responsibility to contact our ISNHCP Clinicians or Field Instructors to schedule your mentorships.  

Mentorship Fees

     Payment for your mentorships is made directly to the authorized Field Instructor. Do not pay the ISNHCP. The fee is standard worldwide at $200 (or equivalent by country).