Step 10 -- Continuing Education

Step 10 -- Continuing Education

     The complexities of our vital mission extend to the work we do at the horse's hoof. We have all learned from experience and the pursuit of knowledge in our field of endeavor, that the artful science of NHC has no boundaries, and only raises more questions, begging more answers. Like all of nature, it invites each of us to an infinite adventure in discovery and learning. Only a fool with a closed mind would say, "There is nothing more to learn." We only need to set course, and then seek nature's secrets awaiting us in the vast unknown and unexplored horizons. Recognizing the supreme importance of continuous education (CE) drawn from our own explorations and discoveries, the ISNHCP and AANHCP will put before all of its members opportunities to learn from those who have gone ahead seeking and discovering in the name of our vital mission.

     Some of this will be transmitted via new books, bulletins, and academic papers. Some better explained via webinar technology, now at our disposal. And then, when necessary, we must all come together in the clinic format, vis a vis, to learn "hand's on" because that is the only way to get it right. It is our good fortune that our talented cadre of clinicians continues to grow so that the ISNHCP can provide more regional training, sparing members the wearisome travails and expense of international air flight.

     Return to this ISNHCP website frequently -- it is your professional "home" -- to learn of the latest news, technology, and CE opportunities.

    For the ISNHCP,

    Jaime Jackson