Step 1 - Independent Study (2022)

Having registered and paid your tuition, you are now ready to start your training. Below are your Step 1 training requirements.

Contact a Step 2/3 Instructor    

The ISNHCP requires that students contact their Step 2/3 Instructor after paying their tuition and registration fee. The purpose of this is to let your Instructor know you will be registering and training with them. This will open an important dialogue between the two of you in preparation for attending their Steps 2 & 3 Clinics. They need to know as far in advance as possible who will be training with them so they can prepare for your participation.

Our Instructors can be located on the Home Page drop down menu "Locate An ISNHCP Instructor."

Order your text books

Students must order their own text books. Go to the Student Store on the Home Page to see the required text books you should order immediately upon paying your tuition fee.

Use the "2020 Natural Trim Training Manual" in the Student Store to guide you in your studies. You will be examined on these learning materials in Step 6. It is highly recommended that you begin your studies immediately so that you will have sufficient time to be prepared for the Final Written Exam.

Tools & Equipment

You must purchase all the required tools and equipment before moving forward to Step 2. Go to the Student Store on the Home Page to see what you will need. You can also purchase everything you will need from there.  

Steps 2 & 3 Clinics

When the above requirements for textbooks and tools/equipment are me, you may proceed to Steps 2 & 3 Clinics.

Tutorial Assistance

ISNHCP Instructors provide fee-based support for 2022 students.