Meet Our Clinicians - Dario Arcamone

Dario Arcamone (Florence/Italy)  —  Clinician · Field Instructor

Dario came through the final AANHCP training program in 2007 before it evolved into the current ISNHCP training program. He has since trained extensively as a clinician with ISNHCP Director Jaime Jackson. Before becoming a natural hoof care practitioner, Dario was trained as an artist and sculptor. Degreed and distinguished in his field, he teaches his art at Sacci University in Florence.

As a youngster living in the countryside of Florence, Dario was introduced to horses. On his website, he relates his transition into our world of natural care,"I continued to grow in my relation with horses, and finally ended up in the barefoot experience where I found Jaime Jackson’s work. A piece of ‘natural art on hooves’ allowed me a chance to revise my perception of the equestrian culture in a more humane and complete way from a horse’s point of view."

In recent years, Dario and fellow clinician Bjorn Rhebergen (Netherlands), have served as the ISNHCP's European providers of our training program.

Learn more about Dario and his training schedule at his website.

Dario & Bjorn